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NaNoDrawMo 2013

What. Am. I. Thinking. I'm trying NaNoDrawMo again, though next year I might make it "Inktober" instead, too many holidays in November. I'm going out of town (the country, no less), and I don't have time for anything nowadays. Then again I've been suffering from not creating since I started my new job in April, and I need to make it a... Read more →
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Part 2: “Who The Hell Is Eason Chan” and My Long History of C-Pop Love

Continued from Part 1: "Who The Hell Is Eason Chan" and My Long History of C-Pop Love Vancouver 2013 So I found out through the interwebz. I can't remember or track down exactly how — maybe this Soundtracking post caused him to surface a bit in my feed on Facebook. I discovered that my long lost love was going to be performing in San... Read more →

Part 1: “Who The Hell Is Eason Chan” and My Long History of C-Pop Love

Well, aside from who Eason Chan is to the world (King of Asian Pop, or #6 in the 2013 Forbes China Celebrity Top 100 List) I can tell you who Eason Chan is to me - and why it's so complicated that I'm now going to his concert in Vancouver in December. My Early Chinese Pop Days I discovered Eason's music in 1998 or 1999, almost 15 years... Read more →
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Recovering: Two Weeks and Change…

I'm recovering from the Chipotle parking lot accident, two weeks and a day in, and tomorrow go in to get the second temporary bridge put in. I look largely fine, maybe a bit scraped-and-bruised to the casual observer. My side is covered in bruises and a really interesting injury, the "hip pointer", that isn't visible, even on the skin, but... Read more →

Swings #1 Mixtape Volume II

Solid hip-hop album from the Korean master of flow, Jonathan Moon Swings (스윙스). Tracks on this album that I love, I LOVE. Tracks I'm not such a big fan of, I skip - there's just too much good shit in here to waste my time. I often reset my plays on tracks because I tend to listen to favorites over and over. On this album (which... Read more →
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Warning: this post isn't for the faint of heart. Don't say I didn't warn ya. So I was walking across the parking lot at Chipotle in Allen on Tuesday, stressed from work, hungry from a diet lunch of quinoa and vegetable salad and not much else. It was a Tuesday that felt like a Monday in an endless string of Mondays. I'd given myself the... Read more →

2013 SXSWi Primer for the First-Timer

or: I've Never Been to SXSW and I Don't Wanna Screw It Up I wrote a version of this in 2012/2011, but so many things have changed that I wanted to update this. This post is for you if you: have never been to SXSW or another huge conference have been and wanna know if I might have tips for you (if you're a veteran you probably have... Read more →

Goodbye, Yayabei

This is a long post that I need to write to get this out of my head, and to remember. It's not going to be suuuper coherent because I don't think I can go back and read it all just yet, so please forgive me the misspellings and mistakes. This was a very very difficult process, one I hadn't dealt with since we lost Mecca, and I wasn't really... Read more →