15: “想哭” (Want To Cry): an Eason song I could pull off at karaoke

So singing karaoke is one thing. (eep!) Singing karaoke in another language is another level entirely. It involves memorizing enough words of a song to sing it reliably, in front of an audience. The scary thing about singing in Chinese is...I know a lot of words verbally, but I cannot read them all that well. I have learned many more words... Read more →

16: “一切還好” (Everything will be okay): an Eason song that bends genres

So every time this song starts I think it's a song by Darius Rucker or some other country music star. Maybe it's the guitar/piano combo. Close your eyes and pretend you heard this from far enough away that you couldn't tell it's Chinese. Not NOT country, right? And I'll let you in on a little secret: I listen to country music. And I love... Read more →
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18: “寂寞奏嗚曲” (Lonely Sonata): best Eason song to get me through unpleasant chores

I've said before that Eason's Black, White, Gray album is his "best", probably because of this song, 寂寞奏嗚曲 (Lonely Sonata). It was nice to hear that it's also Eason's favorite song on that album :D The reason I've chosen it as my chore song is that the pace of its melody and lovely chorus lend themselves to swaying. Yes, swaying.... Read more →

19: “歲月如歌”/”兄妹” an Eason song where I can switch languages and still sing along

There is a lot of melodic borrowing in Asian music, especially across Chinese lines. There are groups like EXO-K/EXO-M that are produced by the same entertainment company, singing sing the "same" songs in Mandarin and Korean, and sometimes even in English. The tradition is an old one, and dates back to shared cultural roots or... Read more →

20: “Welcome To The Future” with Sa Dingding, an Eason song I would send to space :D

I pestered @jemimah_knight to help me think of prompts for this set of posts, and she came up with...a song I would send into space. Rather than punt, I wanted to go with it. :D I don't particularly like this song, but it brings me back to the Bond-ish, "Star Trek, the Original Series"-type music, which made me think of the Voyager from... Read more →

TaeYang’s ‘Ringa Linga’ Video

I'd eagerly anticipated Taeyang's new album, was disappointed with the "gotcha" on 11/1 when the album wasn't released, but instead just a teaser video for this single. I'd really enjoyed the anticipatory experience G-Dragon's COUP D'ETAT a month or so ago, and I really had wondered why I hadn't heard more on the new album. The Kpop... Read more →

23: “給愛麗絲” an Eason song I’m (kind of) embarrassed to admit I like

This song never fails to make me smile. I mean, the video is adorably, shamelessly goofy, like the song. It's from Eason's most energetic, optimistic, and outgoing period of work, and, of course, in Cantonese. But when viewed through a Western lens, it's like, How can this guy be a serious singer. Like when people start watching Kpop and... Read more →


Some poor cow died for this shitty sandwich. That's what I was thinking while trying to scarf something down in not enough time at my desk. I'd run downstairs to the cafeteria, skirted the line for the less-than-satisfying french fries and puckburgers, to the sandwich line. Roast beef sandwich, check. Buy, march back to desk, sit to... Read more →