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Made Up Memories – 2

Remember that day we went into space? Man, Mum and Dad were so mad at us that day. You packed sticking plasters, which was pretty cool because Candy scratched me when I tried to get her into the shuttle with us. We saw so much that day. Shooting stars, satellites, alien space ships. The best bit was probably looking back at Earth and our... Read more →
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Made Up Memories – 3

Remember when we found those dinosaur bones in the back yard? It was the day after dad buried Candy and bought the new fish. When we found out where Candy was going, we decided to find out what else was buried in the yard. We dug and dug, deep and wide until you found the T-Rex bone! With a bone that big, we knew there had to be more, maybe... Read more →
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Made Up Memories – 4

Remember when we went to visit Cthulu? It was the day after we got his invitation way after lights out. We fell asleep drawing our maps to get to his cave. It took us all the way from breakfast to lunch to find his cave. Once inside we had to go so far into the dark, we started to wonder if he wasn’t home. Finally in the darkest... Read more →
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Made Up Memories – 5

Remember when we went to war with the fae? We started first thing on Saturday morning, building our fort and putting our arsenal together. No cushion remained on the couch that day, no potted plant was safe. Our armour was made up of oven gloves, wellington boots and whatever we could find in the kitchen. At dawn they came for us, Candy and... Read more →
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Made Up Memories – Future and Past

Two little girls played with time. Out in the garden, the sun shone down as they built a machine - just so. The sunlight hit mirrors and glass until in an instant and a rainbow, both of the girls disappeared. Their atoms travelled to the stars where they were scooped up by Orion. He gave them to his beloved Artemis, who held them in her... Read more →

10 Books – Adore

The books in this list, in no particular order, are books that I feel a strong emotion about - books that I love, books that inspired me, that I have a soft place in my heart for. There is some distinct overlap with the 10 Books - Influence list, but I tried to make this list stand alone. The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks... Read more →
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Being Siamese

being Siamese Everything Must Be Announced with cocoa toast-points peaked high and tail raised with energetic verve I wrote this poem while struggling to fall back asleep about the chirpy Siamese woke me. I was exhausted and irritated, but it also allowed us to cuddle and me to pet him, which made us both... Read more →
Short Stories

Part II: Founder

She grew used to the wings, to the elation, the heights, knowing that it would somehow, somewhen, end, —it would have to— because things like this always did. But for now, she had the wings. She struggled against her impulse to wear them all of the time, always across her shoulders like the hug she'd never known wasn't... Read more →
Short Stories

Part I: Flight

She was a girl, an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. She drew and she danced, and had birthdays with her friends. Nothing was really missing and nothing was really wrong. Then one day she came upon a shining pair of white-white wings so blinding bright they made her world look dull, dingy, grey. She'd never worn wings... Read more →
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Jar of Sleep – a short story

I’ve been told (by someone who should know) that somewhere in a dusty antique shop or flea market somewhere on a shelf in the back, the dusty darkest there is a jar —not a big jar— (but adequate to the purpose) of collecting and keeping sleep for you until you need it. There’s only one because over the years its sister... Read more →

10 Books – Influence

I've never been one for reading "The Classics" - and while I am most certainly missing out, I've always found it difficult to relate to them. I imagine Hemingway's Farewell To Arms is the closest I got to a book that I enjoyed, but I wouldn't call it influential. The books I've listed below, in no particular order, represent books that were... Read more →
Journal 1

Salju, my “Chicken”, 1999-2014

I am writing this post because I'm having a damn hard time coming to terms with losing my Salju. Even though I posted the photos on Facebook of her (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)  and on Instagram, and cried at the condolences I received from loving friends, I never really acknowledged or came to terms with losing her. I keep pushing it away. I never... Read more →

Suck it up.

Image: filtered through decim8 app. pretty much how I feel like I look. Warning: If you're sensitive, this post has some emotional content, and some descriptions of dental procedures that I didn't enjoy. I went to two dentists' offices Wednesday to get my implant adjusted. Dentist 1, the oral surgeon, made some quick adjustments, and... Read more →