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Thanks, Steve

I found out about Steve Jobs' passing last night at a restaurant, among tech friends, on a device he helped create. It surprised me that I'd cared so deeply because, up until that point, I would not have identified myself as an Apple fangirl, or a Jobs Devotee. I use, and love, my Apple products, but I don't worship the company... Read more →
CultureNomz 6

Shrimp & Chicken Dumplings

Full, printable recipe  If you've known me very long, you've heard me talk about my OMG dumplings, say they're better than anything JengChi can dish out, and that they generally Rock the Casbah. They're only 28 calories each (steamed) according to the MyFitnessPal recipe calculator. And they cook up in 15 minutes without supervision. Yup.... Read more →