Serious Bits of 2013

Did anyone close to you die?

I’ve learned this year that if your pet hermit crab dies on January 1, you can pretty much hang it up for that year. It is not going to get any easier. In fact that’s just the beginning of the agonies you will face this year. We very suddenly lost both Joe the hermit crab and Yaya, our sweet mini toy-fetching tabby girl. Taylor had radiation treatment for hyperthyroidism, and Salju had masses around her heart and lungs and almost died three times this year. I’d say she’s spent more than two and a half months total in the veterinarian’s office this year, all told. This year sucked.

What would you like to have this year that you lacked last year?

I would like to have a less-expensive year, and less illness and injury, if possible. I’d like to have boring monotonous nothingness for a while.

What dates from this year were important, and why?

  1. January: I had started looking for jobs after freelancing, and interviewed for a job I really wanted to have, but which taught me that the direction I was going in was not to be. We lost Yaya a week after we found out she was sick, on the 31st.
  2. February: I kept struggling to make freelance work when it really really wasn’t working. We had a big Chinese New Year dinner to try and erase our recent bad luck. Ha. Ha. Ha.
  3. March: SXSW with Clarissa and JCast was not to be missed. Worked on the titles for a friend’s TV pilot and Getting a Real Job.
  4. April: Got a Real Job, and a week later, Chicken got deathly ill. I blamed myself of course. My Periodic Table of Childhood was featured way too-small in a parenting magazine, but HEY I’M IN A MAGAZINE.
  5. May: Chicken stayed at the vet for a week at least, and we visited her every single day as she struggled to recover. It was rough. Jonathan and Jenny were engaged, and we learned that he would be leaving us for Kansas. Amelia, Clarissa, and I celebrated with a memorable GNO.
  6. June: Tony went to California for a few weeks again, and I kept busy with cat meds and work.
  7. July: Taylor went in for his radiation therapy on the 1st, and on the 9th, I fell and broke myself. Worst injury I’ve sustained in many years. Will be dealing with it for the rest of my life, most likely. Broke my jade bracelet and my self-image. By the 23rd Taylor was no longer radioactive and could sit on my lap again.
  8. August: Cafe on the Green at Four Seasons where I made several new friends.
  9. Bleh.