Maybe-Setlist for Eason’s LIFE Vancouver Concert 2013

I looked up the setlist for the concert because I heard people complain that there were too many Cantonese songs and alas, the setlist for the Malaysia and HK concerts are both fully-Cantonese, which means some of my favorite songs won’t be played, and I won’t understand 90% of what’s going on. Hmm.

Not that I don’t love a lot of the music he’s playing — or know the words to many of the songs, I’m just afraid I won’t have a chance to understand a damn thing he says at the concert, which is seriously disappointing. I guess I’ll have to concentrate on the gorgeous, resonant timbre of his voice ❤ ❤ ❤

I found out also that 4/30 songs in the setlist *I don’t even own*, and have never heard (see asterisks in the list below). Since back in the day I had to buy a lot of the early CDs at full price (about $18 each, plus a minimum per-CD $10 S&H fee), I didn’t always buy every Cantonese CD he produced (I preferred Mandarin over Cantonese).

Digitally, most albums before 2011 are simply not available on iTunes US, nor Amazon, which means I have to find some other crazy-ass way of purchasing the music digitally to avoid dead-tree and shipping costs. I’ve made a deal before with a friend overseas, PayPal-ed her money, to hassle her to buy mp3s in her “region” that are unavailable here. That’s exceptionally frustrating, time-consuming, and not supportive of my need for instant gratification and the binge-buying of music.


In prepping for this concert (esp. with a husband unfamiliar with any of the Cantonese tracks), I’d totally binge-shop Eason music, even paying again for complete albums. Alas, though, they don’t want my money.

Additional grouse: I can’t add YouTube videos to my iTunes playlists (why is this not a thing?) so the chance that I’ll learn these songs before the concert are slim. Ah well.

I’m happy that at least a few of the tracks are 5 personal stars (and Lord have mercy, 30 songs):

  1. 今天只做一件事 ★★★★★
  2. 花花世界*
  3. Life Goes On
  4. 每一個明天*
  5. 美滿人生
  6. 歲月如歌 ★★★★★
  7. Welcome To The Future…
  8. 隨意門
  9. 時代巨輪
  10. 大人
  11. 碌卡
  12. 活躍症
  13. Stranger Under My Skin
  14. 沙龍 ★★★★★
  15. 幸福摩天輪
  16. 信任
  17. 人來人往 ★★★★
  18. 葡萄成熟時
  19. 最佳損友*
  20. 落花流水*
  21. 結束開始
  22. 怕死*
  23. 時光倒流二十年
  24. 陀飛輪
  25. 夕陽無限好 ★★★★★
  26. 今日
  27. 我的快樂時代
  28. 時代曲
  29. 單車 ★★★★★
  30. 明年今日