NaNoDrawMo 2013


What. Am. I. Thinking. I’m trying NaNoDrawMo again, though next year I might make it “Inktober” instead, too many holidays in November.

I’m going out of town (the country, no less), and I don’t have time for anything nowadays.

Then again I’ve been suffering from not creating since I started my new job in April, and I need to make it a priority again.

And I guess I love punishment. This time last year I was struggling to overcome the fact that I couldn’t maintain a freelance career or move into my dream career while keeping the lifestyle my family has become accustomed to. So I drew it.

Maybe this year I will just try to loosen up and focus on the drawing, not the completed, inked piece. I’ve yet to accomplish an entire month of works, maybe this year…?

3 Responses

  1. Cam

    I’m very grateful that you sent out the call. And I especially love that you encouraged us to just draw and not worry about perfection.

    • Colleen Lin

      Yeah, I think I’m a member of that group, and actually, probably where I heard about it! I had so much trouble setting my image settings so they’d upload properly to the group – I wanted an even easier way to post, to reduce friction, so I started doing it this way: Also, 50 is too high a bar for me, lol, I’m happier with 30 (never even made it that far). I’m @stealingsand on Flickr, as well!