Connect 4Sq to GCal to Record Freelance/Small Business Mileage

I needed to start tracking my mileage for SandShop Media, but I was discouraged by the mileage apps out there, which are, for iOS at least, expensive, clunky, and yet another thing I’d have to remember. With countless lost or forgotten “mileage notebooks”, I’ve started to import my Foursquare check-ins to a Google Calendar to help ease the mileage-tracking-pain for the next tax season.


  • I check in to 4Sq almost religiously, so it’s second nature to do this.
  • Every check-in to 4Sq is posted on this calendar and records where I went and when.
  • I can go every few months, see which check-ins are business-relevant, and calculate my mileage.
  • There’re map links to the locations embedded in the calendar for exact mileage calculation
  • “Comments” on check-ins are imported to the calendar as event Notes (to help distinguish client meetings from non-business visits to restaurants/Starbucks, etc.)

Set it up using your Foursquare Feed:

  1. Log in to 4sq or create an account.
  2. Go to the Foursquare feeds page.
  3. Copy the ICS link, which is your unique 4sq feed
  4. Open your Google Calendar
  5. Under “Other Calendars”, click the dropdown arrow and  select “Add by URL”
  6. Paste your ICS link into the text field and click “Add Calendar”.
  7. Google will import your Foursquare logins into your calendar
  8. Go to your calendar settings to rename your calendar 4Sq Check-ins or 4Sq Mileage if you’re only using 4Sq to track mileage

The calendar will

  • import check-ins you do not share to Twitter/FB/other social networks so you’re not constantly spamming your friends with trips to the post office or Staples *yawn*

The calendar will may NOT

  • import check-ins “off the grid” UPDATE: recently I have been testing this and it seems that even check-ins you choose to “not share”, while not listed publicly on your 4sq stream, still appear in your RSS feed, and thus on your calendar. I can’t guarantee this, but it is a bonus so I don’t annoy my 4sq friends with constant check-ins at the post office.

The calendar might not

  • import check-ins from a protected account (have not verified this)

Give it a shot and tell me what you think! ~C