Emmy Nominees Main Title Design 2011

The nominees are in! Imaginary Forces has two nominations, Shine, Elastic, and Huge each take home one of their own.

Which is your favorite? ๐Ÿ˜€

UPDATE: Game of Thrones is the winner!


Boardwalk Empire

Imaginary Forces for HBO

  • Karin Fong, Designer/Director
  • Michelle Dougherty, Designer/Director
  • Lauren Hartstone, Designer/Art Director
  • Cara McKenney, Producer/Art Director




Imaginary Forces for AMC

  • Karin Fong, Creative Director
  • Jeremy Cox, Designer/Animator
  • Theodore Daley, Designer
  • Cara McKenney, Producer/Art Director


Too Big To Fail

Shine for HBO

  • Michael Riley, Creative Director
  • Bob Swenson, Creative Lead
  • Adam Bluming, Editor
  • Cory Shaw, Designer/Animator

Game Of Thrones

Elastic for HBO

  • Angus Wall, Creative Director
  • Robert Feng, Art Director
  • Kirk H. Shintani, Animator
  • Hameed Shaukat, Designer

(video and Making-Of on Art of the Title)


Any Human Heart (Masterpiece)

Huge for PBS

  • Paul McDonnell, Designer
  • Hugo Moss, Art Director
  • Justin Lowings, Animator