Emmy Nominees Main Title Design 2011

The nominees are in! Imaginary Forces has two nominations, Shine, Elastic, and Huge each take home one of their own.

Which is your favorite? 😀

UPDATE: Game of Thrones is the winner!


Boardwalk Empire

Imaginary Forces for HBO

  • Karin Fong, Designer/Director
  • Michelle Dougherty, Designer/Director
  • Lauren Hartstone, Designer/Art Director
  • Cara McKenney, Producer/Art Director




Imaginary Forces for AMC

  • Karin Fong, Creative Director
  • Jeremy Cox, Designer/Animator
  • Theodore Daley, Designer
  • Cara McKenney, Producer/Art Director


Too Big To Fail

Shine for HBO

  • Michael Riley, Creative Director
  • Bob Swenson, Creative Lead
  • Adam Bluming, Editor
  • Cory Shaw, Designer/Animator

Game Of Thrones

Elastic for HBO

  • Angus Wall, Creative Director
  • Robert Feng, Art Director
  • Kirk H. Shintani, Animator
  • Hameed Shaukat, Designer

(video and Making-Of on Art of the Title)


Any Human Heart (Masterpiece)

Huge for PBS

  • Paul McDonnell, Designer
  • Hugo Moss, Art Director
  • Justin Lowings, Animator