Art Conspiracy 6 Titles

I volunteered to create these titles for display next to Kyle Kondas’ “Liquid”​9998607 and “Blue Lines (no link) on the warehouse wall at Art Conspiracy 6 in downtown Dallas, October 23, 2010. These were displayed in the darkened warehouse against the wall next to the bar. Unfortunately, the projector blew the circuits of the old warehouse the event was hosted in, repeatedly, and neither of our videos were shown for more than a few minutes 🙁

In keeping with the “conspiracy” theme, I wanted the names to show in relief against the bright light show, as if they were some secret, hidden message fighting to be seen. However, I didn’t want them to be illegible, so there was some tinkering with the frequency of the flashes, font sizes, etc. to ensure that the text was mostly legible while still appearing somewhat hidden.

See a video of the event.

“Art Conspiracy is street-level philanthropy. Members of the creative community in North Texas pool their talents to create bi-annual fundraising events that support other nonprofit arts programs. Art Conspiracy events are affordable and they give everyone a chance to purchase original artwork at a reasonable price. Art Conspiracy is a 501c3 organization with IRS nonprofit status.

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