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I’ve finally finished my final project for my MA in Arts and Technology at UT Dallas! *happy dance*

This project is a promotional video/animation highlighting Placethings’ features, appealing to an audience of content creators to inform them Placethings’ qualities and the unique passion about place and storytelling that the Placethings app creators possess.

I decided to forgo a deliberate call to action (BUY NOW!), choosing instead to focus on the advantages and features of Placethings as they contrast with other applications currently in the market, particularly because the app is currently in beta and unavailable for download or purchase.

The animation was produced in After Effects, a software package I’d had little experience with before this project.

Even though I was incredibly inexperienced with After Effects, I knew that this high-stakes project would force me to much greater familiarity. Even though it was a really risky move, I’m glad I did it – I feel quite comfortable with After Effects now.



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