Am I obnoxious?

As I sit on the couch this lovely lazy Saturday afternoon and think about the movie we watched last night, Salju is trying to ooch into my lap. Ooching is the army crawl doggies do when they’re told to lay down and stay, but they MUST BE NEAR THE FOOD. Ooching is what cats do when they know Mommy doesn’t want a lap full of hot longhair cat and hot laptop but they CAN’T BE WITHOUT MOMMY. Ooching is moving in knowing better, expecting to be kicked out, ears back, low to the ground, feeling extreme need, heroically soldiering on. So say hi, Sa, as you make your first move with an oh-so-casually-laid paw on my shoulder.

Watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night in a deserted theater in Plano. Here’s the thing. Iron Man came out, which made this the optimal weekend for viewing a comedy that appeals to the same demographic. There were maybe 10 people in the 10:00 show on Friday night. I was the only one laughing about 50% of the time. Do people not get it? Am I obnoxious? Am wondering really, because the silence, esp. during an obviously faux sentimental moment I laughed and someone in the theater actually sniffed at me. Jeez, people.