Dear YouTube

Don’t put ads on your videos, or run prerolls. Is the company that hard up for cash? This is the turning point where users of the site are slapped in the face with the fact that the site is for-profit, not for fun. They’ll realize that there’s a man behind the curtain and that he’s pulling the strings, that we’re all just going along for the ride.

It’s not fun after that.

If we think about it realistically we all know that YouTube is a company and it has stockholders blah blah blah, but the mystique of a site like YouTube is that we can pretend it is NOT a money machine and that it is truly for us and by us. Adding prerolls or transparent ads to user-created content is exploitative and, yeah, you’re in business, but it just takes away the rose-colored fun-haze that has made YouTube what it is. Love YouTube, but don’t want to see this ridiculous money-grubbing step taken. Thank you…