Snarky girl

In class Saturday the professor had all of us introduce ourselves (groan) and say where we’d come from, why we’re taking the class, and something unique about ourselves. I always feel like a dip when I say “Oh, yea, and I speak Chinese” which seems just so self-absorbed. My Chinese isn’t stellar anyway, so making that claim isn’t the most intelligent thing to do. I always feel so egotistical when I say it. But I am kind of proud of it, and there’s not that much about me that’s unique, so in this class, full of people I don’t know, I said “Hi everyone, my name’s Colleen (blah blah blah) and I love Chinese pop music.”

One girl in the back snorted and said, “Well, who doesn’t?”

Um. Yeah. I didn’t say anything snarky back because I wasn’t willing to be on a level with Snark Girl. I kind of looked around to see who said it, and everyone had the same blank look on their faces.

Now, maybe she didn’t hear the “Chinese” part, and giving her the benefit of the doubt, my response would have seemed ridiculous. [in a Paris Hilton voice] “That’s why it’s called “pop” music, idiot, short for popular…?”

In reality if she did hear the “Chinese” part and she made that ridiculous, condescending, ethnocentric remark, she’s even more of a bitch than I already think she is.

Anyway, who makes snarky remarks so stridently to the whole class about other people’s “special”ness? I didn’t say anything snipey about hers, now, did I?

This is one of those things I will never know the truth of, short of going to class, standing up and saying, “Yeah, so who was the bitch last week who snarked on my specialness?”

Can’t really do that. But it pisses me off anyway. Idiot.