kitten war!!!

I am having fun on, but there is a link on this page that I can’t bear to click.

Losingest Kittens.

Kitten war is a digital cuteness selection war between kittens. You click on the cutest kitten, or if you can’t decide who’s snorgliest, you can hit the refresh button. Then more kittens pop up and you choose the cutest. It’s not the competitive aspect that bothers me. It’s the idea of a kitten losing (even a silly digital contest). I even felt guilty not clicking on some of the kittens before I figured out the refresh thing.

I am such a softie. Pathologically soft, almost. For kittens. I have been dreaming about kittens lately which makes my Mom cringe, and probably my husband too, but he shows no sign of it. So I am getting my fix on

Refresh * refresh * refresh * refresh * refresh *

But I will never click on losingest kittens. No kitten can LOSE. How could a kitten be a loser?!? Ugh, the thought just kills me.