kitty pics for Thanksgiving

I can’t blog or do homework or anything without her. Sa the great. Not only a wonderful bed-warmer, a wonderful companion.

Tay is a lover-boy cat, and will sleep next to anyone that holds still long enough.

Head-to-head sleeping siblings.

close-up 1

close-up 2

They love laying in the sunlight in the wintertime. This house has loely big windows facing south, and the kitties drink in the sun.

Squishy-head Tay.

After he realized I am taking his picture, he is shy as a celebrity before paparazzi. I think he’s waiting for the flash.

Unselfconscious tummy exposure.

Sa doesn’t know he’s there or she’d hiss and spit. He’s happy in his sister’s warmth.

coverface baby

Tay snuggling against Ya

Tay and Ya from further up

Sweet babies.