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Ok, well, I got word that I got the job I was interviewing for last time. Whew. I am so excited to start working at a full time job with benefits and an office and a bathroom and…well, it will be a big change for me. My students have been shocked and unhappy about my change in schedule, most being quite disappointed. The father of one pair of students said, “No, you can’t go, I need at least two more years out of you! My kids love coming to your classes!”

What a major ego stroke. I love their classes, too, really. I am going to miss my students so much, especially the kids. I was telling one of my students (who appeared on the brink of tears) that I am not dying, I am simply moving to another job. She laughed a little and agreed that she was being a little dramatic, but it didn’t make it any easier for her. Sometimes they get attached to their teachers, their only “American friend”, and when they lose their teacher, it’s not easy. They have to take risks and learn a new routine with a new teacher, and it’s difficult. Like I tell them, it is a career move. I can’t go anywhere at the school. There I was at the top of my game. Now I have a future. Woo hoo!!!

Oh, saw this on Zappos.com just now. Great editing, guys…You know I wanna spend $500 on boots that are unoriginal.


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