Blizzardy Blast

Yesterday was about 80 degrees. Today is in the 20s. That’s weather in Texas. What is cool, though, is the way the local media makes it into a major event. “Arctic Blast”…”Blizzard Blast”…”Bitter Blast” This is how “snow” looks in Texas, ok. My grandmother has had feet of snow in Pennsylvania already, but Texans freak out over this.

Ya know why? It gets icy maybe twice a year around here, and everybody drives trucks and SUVs. So they come flying down the road, hit an ice patch, and obliterate little sedans like mine. So I am staying home.

They actually have a minute-by-minute blog set up by one of the local stations. People….

Thursday’s freeze: Minute-by-minute editors are keeping a chronological log of Thursday’s freeze. Check here for minute-by-minute updates.