I have the mind of a steel trap.

That’s supposed to be a joke, but it seems pretty close to reality for me lately. My brain is sluggish and I am…I’m tired of making mud pies. My ideas have been for shit lately, and I am afraid of looking like an idiot in these classes.

Uh…what? I’m boring you? Well, try to imagine being in a class that you thought was going to help you figure out why you are going back to school and what you want to be when you grow up, and your final assignment is…guess what. Decide what you want to be when you grow up, and make contact with about 20 famous/successful people who already do that. I am supposed to have my list by next week, I think. Jesus. I don’t know what I want to BE yet…

And the other class…we have to come up with metaphors. Of whatever, apparently. I am not given enough direction as to how the metaphor should be structured (comparing what?), and apparently my “creativity” doesn’t cut it. I was thinking of a metaphor, but it isn’t…something I want to talk to the prof about. Or maybe I should just clench my teeth and go for it. Because it’s probably another mud pie, and once I get it out of my system I can move on. And I don’t want to write a 12-page paper by the end of the semester on this topic. Really. Am I not going to be able to cut it in this program? Jesus. I feel like a skiff without an anchor. There’s a metaphor for you.