Still here

Working on a project for a new client, hope I land the account. I put a fluffy toilet seat cover on my desk so Mimi could sleep next to me while I work, because she will sleep here anyway, seat cover or no, and I want her to be comfortable, because when she sits down, she does it slowly, or tries to get all of her body on the tiny mouse pad, and she doesn’t always fit. She is here, curled up into a tight ball, with her mama. I love this kitty so much. Love her so much. She wasn’t this loving before she was sick, now she is with me all the time. My little ball of love.

Listening to: 厚重的記憶 by 动力火车

And to Miss Japan, I love the chopstick rests. I was so touched to get such a great gift all the way from Japan. I am almost afraid to use them! I guess my emails are not going through…your spam filter must be amazingly strong. AM I added to your address book? Am loving Collapse, by the way. Just finished the chapter on Mayans…It was over a hundred degrees here yesterday and today. In April. Still wish you were here? 🙂