Wang Lee Hom and a little girl.

There was a little girl walking with her mom outside a building yesterday, and the mom’s hands were full, but the little girl, about 3 years old, was wearing Mom’s sunglasses. Full of sass and tossing her hair over her shoulder, she walked like she owned that sidewalk. No autographs, please.

Just when they were about to pass me, the little girl turned to me and said, “Hi there!”

I replied, “Hi! I like your sunglasses!” (Note to people who know me: I was not being sarcastic. She was adorable. And she obviously liked her shades.)

She said, “Thanks, they’re my Mom’s.” She was so cute. I love smart, cute little kids. And she made me smile, and wish I had that je nais ce quois. Oh to be young again.

And now for a CD review. I bought the following CDs recently on

Tension: Story (New + Best Selection) (Special Edition)
Ah Mei: I Want Happiness? (Limited Edition)
Wang Lee Hom: Heroes of Earth
Eason Chan: How?
Jay Chow: November’s Chopin

I want to talk first about the one I have in my car, which means I listen to it about 14 hours a week. Wang Lee Hom’s CD. The description on YesAsia’s product page, of course, gives it a glowing review. I bought it because, once upon a time, Lee Hom made great ballads, a few years ago, and I love the tenderness of his voice. I never really liked the peppy stuff.

Still don’t.

I love tracks 2, 4, 6, and 7 over and over again. I acidentally keep listening to track 5, and it has caught my notice, primarily because there are Korean artists (Rain & Lim Jeong Hee) seconding on the track.

What drives me bonkers is the way he sounds in English. He’s American, yeah, and has a strong American accent on the tracks, but when he raps in English, oh God save me. He sounds like my little brother, eternally uncool, trying way too hard.

Jay Chow, on the other hand, never disappoints, but I guess Jay can’t help it. Too freakin cool. I think the reason Leehom sounds so lame is because he is trying to sounds like someone else, namely Eminem. Chow never goes in that direction, and he never tries English. 3 cheers for an artist who doesn’t jump on a bandwagon.

Reviewers gave Leehom props for this album because of its incorporation of Chinese opera, but that’s been done before. It sounds like I am beating on thie album a lot, but I just don’t agree with the hype. I skip tracks 1, 3, 8, 9, and 10, but air-mic the other tracks, so there has to be some merit to the thing. I have regretted buying CDs online before, because Hell, I can’t read Chinese, and I don’t trust other people’s tastes, and in Cali I could pay $5 for the same damn thing. Sometimes it’s a total crapshoot for me.

I do not regret having bought this CD, but I do wish he had more ballads, because you can feel the sensitivity and passion in his work. So, Wang Lee Hom: Heroes of Earth: 3 shells.