Everybody Loves A Quickie

I am mad at Melanie Rawn. I have read thousands of pages of her books, and yet all the info I get on her is that she is coy and will write what she pleases. Oh. God. If the idiot woman wants to have readers she should write what the readers want to read.

And that is: MORE. Been waiting for sequels to the books I love and re-re-re-re-read since 1998 and 1994 respectively. Fantasy is just too fantastic sometimes, but these books are great. Boo hoo, poor me. She’ll probably never write anything for those series again and I will be stuck wondering what happened to Meig. And Cailet. She left plenty of loopholes to do a sequel series, so why not do it? Or a prequel or somehting. Get to work, woman!

Now, I’m not going all trekkie on you, I am just seriously without a book to read, and wondering what I’m gonna do about it. I read 3 magazines this week, and am looking for more to read.

Also: I hate it when older men start calling you “honey” and “sweetie” and touching your arm. It makes me scared, in addition to feeling patronized, and it makes me want to leave their office immediately. Oh the sacrifices I make for this company. If I ever feel panic-trapped, I am leaving immediately, no doubt. But how do you tell a client that he is too touchy-feely without pissing him off?