The AA Center Of The Universe

Goddamn! VC and a bunch of other guys in Nets jerseys came to Dallas Saturday and got their asses kicked Texas-style. This was a great game…in retrospect. During the game, I was a little, well, bored by the 4th, considering we led the Nets by like about 1000 points. When they fill the court with bench, you know it’s over. Carter slipped off a shit pass from Kidd at the end of the 3rd, and never came back on. Damn. I understand, he’s not expendable, so he can’t risk getting injured in a game there is no hope of winning. You could see it on their faces. Every single Nets player was fervently praying for a time-machine to drop out of the damn ceiling and take them into tomorrow. Or just out of the stadium.

I think I actually saw a player gesture for a teammate to hit him in the head with a chair and knock him out so he could spend the rest of the game in the locker room.

Gratuitous Game Shots:

Me, looking about 1000 years old, hating to have my photo taken. (Photo removed because it is just unkind.) Maybe if I hated having my pic taken less, I would look less resigned in my pictures.

Tony, looking about 15 years old, not minding the photo.

Vince, shooting around at the beginning.

A minute or so till halftime, and look at the seats. Those people aren’t going to the bathroom. Dallas fans are so fickle. I stay till the fat lady sings, baby.

Vince, being Vince. Thanx to my baby for taking this one.

Sweet shot of a VC shot. Thanx to my baby again for taking this one.

The final score. Now you know why our friends left at the end of the 4th.

OK, so we got our tickets on ebay, and the damn things weren’t cheap. Platinum level, full bar, bigger seats, a once-or-twice a year kind of thing. Platinum parking across the street. And people left the game before halftime. I seriously don’t get it. I know Dallas fans are impatient with failure, and that once the team starts losing by a wide margin, they’re out of there. But winning is boring, too, so they leave. So much money spent and wasted on tickets to a game they were late showing up for, and early leaving. If they paid the face value of those tickets, they spent about $8 a minute in the AAC. Fools.

I still love VC, but I don’t have that sort of oh-God-I’m-breathing-the-same-air-as-VC kind of feeling. I’m too old for that now, I guess. I love to watch him dunk, though, and during the game there was a moment when he went up for a dunk, and slammed it home, but didn’t get the points. A foul prior to the shot made it the single most satisfying scenario: I saw that boy dunk, and the Nets didn’t get any points for it. Ha ha ha ha! Any other time I would want him to, but against Dallas…shit….