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I love these hot sauce packages.

In Dallas, Taco Bell is a way of life. In fact, for many of us it is more common to eat at Taco Bell than at other restaurants for a few reasons:

  1. It’s dirt cheap. 99-cent Border Menu anyone?
  2. It’s filling as all get-out. One burrito-supreme, no cheese, no red-sauce and I’m so done.
  3. It’s fast fast fast. Three minutes to get in and get out through the drive-through.

Now, I have to admit, tacos are not high on the clean scale, in terms of mobile eating. They will drip and drop stuff all over the place. But for a good hot filling meal, sometimes you can’t beat the Bell.

What else…oh, I am reading Foreign Babes in Beijing, which is not as porno as it sounds. I was lucky to find it on the New Books shelf at the library when I went to reserve Ehrenreich’s other book. Excellent insights, and makes me wish I had gone. Not China, necessarily, just somewhere. Too old now, and too happy where I am.


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