Happy Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving, and I want to talk about what I am thankful for today…

I am thankful that Mecca came home, and that she will in time be fine. It doesn’t matter in the end all the troubles we have gone through, and will go through in the next few weeks for her. I have my little girl back…

We picked her up on Saturday after more than a week in the vet’s office. She was more than happy to come home, and meowed angrily at the vet’s, accusations like, “Where the Hell have you been?!?” We brought her home, and the other kitties hissed at her, uncertain of the smells on her. She smelled like The Scary Place, so they didn’t want much to do with her. Sa pouted the whole weekend.

Mimi was in a lot of pain on Sunday, and couldn’t lay down, or get comfortable at all, so I called the vet in a frenzy of nerves. My kitty can’ty sleep laying down! She’s sleeping sitting up! I brought her in and got a pain patch for her side on Monday, and they shaved her other side. Now she’s bald on her legs and her neck/chest, and has two ulcerous-looking bald patches on her sides. Great. I hauled her home, at which point she stopped her insanely sharp meowing. I think she thought her admonitions worked, because I brought her home, so she could be quiet.

I went back to work, and then to Mama’s house. Tony called me from home to announce that the $35 narcotic patch, that I had taken my entire lunch hour to put on her ass, was now off. He found it, and we decided to wrap her up in Tony’s soccer bandages, right around her middle section. She ran sideways, scared, and uncomfortable, and then plopped down on the floor. If you’ve ever had a cat, you know they don’t look to you for help when something scary is happening to them. This bandage was scary, and Mecca tried to process it, but couldn’t, and so lost her balance and plopped down on the floor, a little terrified, and a lot upset. So we took an0other 20 minutes to try and re-wrap the bandage so it wasn’t too tight.

Mind you this is not easy. Imagine a greased pig wriggling around in your hands. And the greased pig has big ol staples in her neck. And you know she doesn’t have any pain meds in her. Mecca is the wiggliest cat in the world. It is nearly impossible to get her to hold still if she doesn’t want to.

Eventually we got her wrapped, and she spent the night in the bandage. Most of the night, I guess, ’cause when we woke up in the morning, there she was, no bandage. Like nothing happened. And she wasn’t hungry, which was a shock.

She’s on a fixed diet, specific times of the day, etc., because she takes 4 different medications, and all of them have specific requirements as to when they can be taken.

  • Reglan for vomiting. 15-20 minutes before each meal.
  • Baytril (antibiotic). Daily.
  • Prednisone (steroid). Every other day.
  • V-something for her liver problems. Must be taken 1 hour after or 2 hours before meals.

Well, Mecca is the smartest cat I have ever met. She, somehow, managed to open the pantry door behind which was all of their food. So she ate, and was content, and just a little monster. You have to be smarter than the cat, and sometimes that’s a challenge. We re-wrapped the cat, and that evening, when I came home…yes, she was out again. But she left the pain [atch on until this morning, and that was that.

I got the Christmas tree up. It’s beautiful, if a little dinky. The tree that ate our apartment now looks a little lost and anorexic in our house. The kitties love sitting under the tree and basking in the glow of the lights. They also think they’re hidden, just because they can’t see us very well from under the tree. Ha ha ha.

And just for the hell of it, see my cats stalk birds in my neighbor’s garden…