My mother would be so proud.

I just saved an earthworm from certain death. I have no idea how it got into the middle of the sidewalk, but there it lay, wriggling and trying to dig its way into the dirt. But there was no dirt. It was just pushing and writhing against the sidewalk, and I stopped. It looked so pathetic.

But it was a big wriggly worm! Do I touch that disgusting thing? eek!!!

I decided to pick it up and toss it into the garden nearby, knowing that I was doing the earth some good, and certainly saving the life of this sightless worm. But if it wriggled around and touched the back of my hand I was going to scream. You should have seen me with the wasps a few weeks ago.

It wasn’t slimy and it didn’t touch my skin, but it wiggled furiously in my fingertips as I tossed it under a bush where it could burrow and live happily ever after. Whew.

I washed my hands though. Totally eew. And I have no idea where that worm has been.

I am hesitant to buy gas lately. Not because I don’t need it, ’cause, baby, I seriously use up gas in this job. But the prices. Since last week the prices have dropped from 1.89 to 1.39. No kidding. RaceTrac always has the cheapest gas in my neighborhood, so gauging their prices pretty much tells you where everyone else is going. 7-11 is expensive, Mobil is astronomical, and BP, and all the others unreliable. But when even RaceTrac is lowering their prices by almost a dime a day, you only fill up halfway.

Unless there’s a hurricane coming. Then you fill up no matter how high the price is because the very next hour, or minute, even, the price will skyrocket. But if nothing big is happening on the horizon, you don’t fill all the way up. But it’s a gamble, putting in $16.88 every week, sometimes it’s just 1/4 tank, sometimes it’s a half a tank, depending on the price. In case tomorrow the price is .25 lower, then I can say, “Oh, it’s OK, I only put in $16.88” But tomorrow, a bomb could go off in a major city, or the Dow could sneeze, or the Cowboys could lose a game and whoof! gas goes way back up again. Then you kick yourself, saying, “Oh, I only put in $16.88! I should have filled up!”

Oh, and I know that on the 18th I was complaining about the heat, about how it’s so hot and my computer was making me hot and blah blah blah. I was kidding, OK? I didn’t mean it. I want the heat back. The cold sucks. And by cold I mean 70 degrees. Because in the shade it’s 50 degrees, and my body’s thermometer is not prepared for this. I am not prepared for this. It’s in the 70s today and I am wearing a big turtleneck. And seeking a bright sunny spot when I park, rather than scouting for the ittiest patch of shade. And I am leaving my sunroof panel open to get more light and warmth in my car. And I still feel chilly inside. We’ll see what happens next few months when it is 50 in the day…Maybe I should just carry around those heat packs like skiers use. Wear ’em in my shoes when I go to work.

What can I do to make it up to you, weather gods? I was just kidding, really…