I Can’t Watch the News

I get up this morning, early now, because lately I can’t sleep until noon anymore, and I make the mistake of watching the news. Just like the other day, I am horrorstruck by the hurricane’s damage, but I do not feel the urge to cry until I see someone’s dog, limping through the puddles, lost, wet, scared, and hungry.

And no one is coming for him.

Shit, I can’t stop thinking about this, and it kills me, just breaks my heart. I have to stop thinking about it, their suffering, their misery. Makes me want to go and adopt them all, which is stupid, because then my beautiful new house would become a pigsty, and really, it’s not possible to stop all the suffering in the world. The ASPCA is not helping me emotionally, though. I donated a bunch to them after watching the TV, and it’s so hard for me not to give them more and more, and the picture they show, God, it just kills me. It would be far worse if they showed an animal in Louisiana or Mississippi, they didn’t, and Thank God for that, because if they did, I would JUST. LOSE. IT. The teeny kitten…here I go again…



Please, if you have anything to spare, please make a donation to the ASPCA’s relief fund. People are everyone’s first priority, and I am not saying they shouldn’t be, but don’t forget about the animals!

Here comes Mecca, the little squirker, making that ripply brrraaaww noise, trying to tell me not to cry. She always comes over to soothe me when I am crying. But seeing her, and that kitten reminded me of her when she was a baby…

It’s hard to live like this. A soft heart is such a handicap. And I can’t do enough to make people see…People can’t take care of themselves right now. Animals need more help. People say that animals are “just” animals. But animals have souls. And thinking of a kitty or doggy waiting in a flooded-out house, scared to go anywhere, waiting for their owner to come back, wondering where they are, shocked and hungry and thirsty…and dying. God.

If I live in a hurricane-prone area in the future, I am getting out before the hurricane comes, because I am bringing my pets, goddamnit, and I will NOT be faced with getting on an evacuation bus and leaving Salju, or Taylor, or Mecca, or Kiki, or Kia behind. I left one pet behind, with a caring and competent owner, no less, and I will never do it again. Never.