Dandelion seeds

I sat down to do something…and an hour and a half later I still can’t remember what it was.

I did the worst possible thing when I have something else to do: I checked my email. My sister sent me an email about The Genographic Project, and of course, I read up on it, because I heard about it earlier this year, and I was interested. So I went to the website, and read FAQs and…lost about 30 minutes. Then, while thinking, Oh I really have something to do, I thought of those beautiful photos of Mars on the Malin Space Sciences website, and got lost there for about 45 minutes, and then remembered the Cassini-Huygens photos, and…now I still can’t remember what I was supposed to be doing.

To jog my memory, I got up, went into the living room, looked around…nothing. My memory lately is like blown dandelion seeds, floating around everywhere…So here I am back at the ranch, thinking…what was that I was gonna do again…?

Well, it wasn’t this. I have here a photo that has been retouched so many times it is hard to tell what the photo looked like originally. I can’t imagine anyone would really want to look like this, though…I think the top and bottom lips belong to different people, and that the top lip is in fact someone else’s bottom lip. And that the before and after photos are not all that enticing either.

What was I supposed to be doing again?

Mmm, not this either, I suppose. Some companies have trouble spelling their own names. I saw this commercial for a diabetes study. Apparently a company that can’t spell its own name TWICE in its own commercial wants diabetics across Dallas to give over their health to them for research purposes. Oddly, they did not misspell “diabetes” in the study name above their name. This is clearly a company that does painstakingly detailed work. The company’s website is currently under construction. I hope they do a better job of their website than they did their commercials.

And finally, TXCN is not immune to errors easily noticed by an educated English professional. This is fuzzy, but it says that a suspect was “shot in killed by what police suspect…” Shot in killed, eh?

What else what else…? Well, yesterday was 99 degrees, and the past 5 days were 97, 99, 97, 99, 97, and today is…74. Currently. At the time of day when plastic melts in cars in Dallas, it is 74 degrees. This is why I can sit in front of the computer right now and mess around for…oh God, I started this at 2:36 and now it’s 4:48…gotta go.

Oops, first….MARS!!!!