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I’ve been struggling lately to make sense of my life and the things in it, to overcome the stresses of a family vacation, and to decide what’s right for me and our baby family in every decision I make. The vacation to Florida was wonderful, and Tony’s parents are great, and I adore his sisters. But coming home was like a cold ball in the pit of my stomach because I didn’t know what the next day would throw at me, even though I knew it would be something I had to fight. I missed my babies so much, and returning to the cozy haven we have created at home was wonderful, but knowing I had to deal with the problems at work was daunting. I survived my first day back, Tuesday, with a measure of success.

Then I got an email Tuesday night from my father about a DVD slideshow I gave him while in Florida. It was amazing. And inspirational. And made me love myself again.

It is heartening, what a little love can do.


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