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I am going through a lot of changes right now, primarily the changing of my server for my webpage. April 24th I am moving back to Yahoo! because 1&1 was not very helpful in my search for web forms. Seems like a minor issue to some, but I need my hosting company to be helpful and I have found Yahoo! to be very much so. So I am going back to Yahoo! Which means that my hosting may be jacked up for a few days, until I get a chance to fix it.

I was very unhappy at work, and it made me wonder if I am the only one. Am I unreasonable? It seems just last year, around this same time, I had a job I was unhappy with. Now I am again unhappy, with little else to do but start looking for a new job. There aren’t many options for me, considering my background, and I want to buy a house soon, which means I need a solid income if the bank is to give me any money with which to buy a house. I need a house. I need a dog. I need my freedom. It’s frustrating to be almost 30 with nothing to show for it financially. I finished college 2 years ago or so, and I have had 3 so-so jobs, each with their own detrimental qualities.

Want to teach at the community college? You have to accept that it is very very difficult to get a full-time position because there are 4 or 5 oldsters who have been waiting for this solitary position, opened only by the death or retirement of another oldster, for 10 years. Get in line.

Want to teach part-time for the community college? Accept that you may not make enough money in a month to support yourself and you’ll have to find another job to help because classes that don’t make just don’t make, and you don’t get paid for classes that don’t make.

Want to temp for a company like OfficeTeam? Go ahead. Accept that you’ll be treated badly and work for little pay in various offices all over Dallas for a day, or two, and not know where your next paycheck will come from, or if it will come.

Want to work for a small business? Accept that as their employee they can pretty much tell you to do whatever they want and as long as you say Yes (because, what, you’re going to quit if you say no? Didn’t think so.) to working there, you have to work from 8-8 on some days with gaping holes in your schedule that you could drive a truck through. Holes you won’t be paid for. Driving all over Dallas. Again.

It sucks. And I want out.

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  1. Anonymous

    I just want to say that you are not alone in regards to officeteam. I am working in the central GA area (macon). It seems they have all the jobs, but they are really crappy. I am unable to find any other employment around in this area.