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You thought I liked TiVo. If I could have sex with a machine, it would be my new computer, SonyBaby. Because she’s a Sony and she’s incredible.

And she’s a she, yo, because a man could never be this smooth.

Which means I have some unidentified lesbian issues, or I see her as an extension of myself. I prefer the latter explanation, but my husband would prefer the former.

My old computer, Tarecomp, who had a temper tantrum and decided to Blue Screen of Death me, is now awaiting repair at a friend’s place of business and guess what, I think it will be a WHILE. So we got SonyBaby.

She’s got a huge rack, oops, I mean monitor, and bitchin stuff. Imagine driving a ten-year old Pontiac, which of course you love and become attached to, then buying a MacLaren. But see, I get to bring all the old memories from the old computer. All the good memories, leaving all the old crap. Woo hoo!

I LOVE my computer!!!!!!


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