Interior Design By Me

The best thing about recent times is the weather. Well, recent meaning today and yesterday. And tomorrow. Sunny and in the low 70s. Almost feels like spring!

Yesterday, Tony and I made a few acquisitions at Target, our cheap design mecca until Ikea opens here in the summer. There was a table lamp, clear glass with an off-white shade, almost like a large juice glass turned upside down with a bulb and a cord. Simple and elegant and all too fitting for the relaxed beach scene I envision our living room becoming over time. These lamps were $50 each, which seemed like kind of a lot until we started pricing lamps, and I realized $50 for something I like this much was not a bad deal, all told. We looked at other lamps at Target and the shades that fit were just downright ugly, and I didn’t want to settle. This was Saturday evening, and I was not shopping for a make-do lamp pair, but a pair that I want to see for years. We didn’t buy the uglier tho 10% cheaper clearance lamps. We forged on.

Sunday we went back to Target, and to Marshall’s, where Tony got me my valentine’s day gift, a beautiful new baby blue carry-on for when we go to California and Miami. So cute. I already have the orange carry-on bag from another Marshall’s trip. I can’t wait to try them out.

But I was obsessed with that lamp. I wanted to buy it, complaints or no from my husband. We went to the section of Target that has the World Bazaar stuff, a section of short-term post-Christmas pre-summer tease buys for those of us who like international decor, only to find out that…

This stuff is on sale.

My lamp is 30% off now.

And there isn’t even one left here.

We went to 4 Targets (thank God we live in driving range of 4 Targets, ya know?) and found 2 lamps. Most of our Sunday was taken up in this endeavor. I found today that this lamp is not online. Which enhances my satisfaction that we actually found it. But we got the lamps, and a beautiful ceramic fish, not the ugly one on the website, but a much more graceful one meant for the outside, but now residing on our side table. I am so satisfied with our bargain hunting. We saved $30 on our lamps, and I got them, which means a resounding YAY! for us. Tony must think I am insane.

We have recently bought 9 picture frames for our living room wall, solid white wood with a little brass plate in the front like card catalogs have, for labels. We put photos of the kitties, each other, and a family shot in the frames, and I just love them, too. Our living room is really turning out splendid.

One of my students is into feng shui big time, and she told me today that my lucky color is white, and my husband’s is red, but that white is bad for him and black is bad for me. Go figure. I love white things. But they stain and get covered with cat detritus so easily that we don’t buy much white stuff. Maybe I should (haha) sell my BLACK car and get a white one.

Oh, and apparently our dryer is in our “money” area of the apartment. No putting plants in there. We’d cook our money.

I am freezing. I hope my next student comes soon. This AC is killing me.