Musical Slideshows

I wish I could post my slideshows with pictures from our visit to Daytona Beach with all of my brothers and sisters, Rebekah, Ryan, my brother in law Derek, Andrea, Katie and AJ, Tony, and of course, my Dad.

The slideshow was made with Sony’s Picture Package, a software thingy bundled with the camera. It’s pretty much a crapshoot with this software. You can choose the music, and one of the preset speeds, but THAT’S IT. You don’t choose the order, you dont choose the pictures given the most face time. You don’t even get to choose which photos to drop if there’s not enough time for all the photos you selected.

I think I am going to have to get some other software. Some of the videos are way neat, like the one I made of the kitties, or of our trip to Miami, but the Daytona beach ones had too much of the video incuded, and then it would just shoot past a group picture, which….was not what I wanted. I have to spend about an hour and a half on each of the videos because the software just crawls on my computer, and if I remake the videos over and over again to get just one good one…it better be a damn good one after all.

I can’t stop watching these things!!! And it’s not because they are so amazing, because this video will probably bore the poop out of everyone else in the world but me and Tony. It’s because they are my babies and I love them more than you’ll ever know.

I made the Daytona Beach one 4x. And I am still not satisfied with it. It’s not horrible, so after 3 hours wasted on this one show, I need to move on. Gotta do Disneyworld, too…