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Today was a mixed bag. It was cold and dreary most of the day, and I had a relatively normal class load. I made up Angel’s class for Thursday because we’ll be in Orlando visiting my Dad and his family. I love these girls, and I love their mama. I wish Sandy was going to stay more than one year, because I feel like I am just getting to know her, and I think we could be such good friends. I don’t want to mope or anything, but I miss having a good girlfriend to talk to, and Adeline is a million miles away, doing her thing. She’s still my best friend of all time, but it pays to have somebody close by.

Sandy and the girls will be leaving early next year, and I am going to miss them so much. I stayed after class to watch part of Mulan II with them, and it was so warm and comfortable sitting with those lovable little squirts, knowing I was coming home to an empty apartment made it all the sweeter. But their dinner was ready and I had to take my leave, even though Sandy asked me to stay. I hope she wasn’t offended by my precipitous departure, but all I could think of was my mother’s scolding voice from when I was a kid saying not to invite myself over to someone’s house for dinner. Thinking about it now, I think I did the right thing to leave, but it broke my heart to go. I don’t want to impose on Sandy with my needy loneliness, or my semi-pathetic desire to spend more time with them. It feels like I would be latching on to them, and I don’t know if Sandy thinks as much of me as I do of her. I am so not good at this friend thing.

Here’s the girls:

Me & Vivian 1 2 3

Me & Angel 1 2 3



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