I want a TiVo. I have been talking it over with Tony for a while now and I know I want it, but he just can’t see spending $100+ on another recording device.

That’s what Christmas is for. I asked my Mom for a TiVo for Christmas, and I am not sure, but there was some intense discussion about it, so it looks good. I will be so pumped if I get it. Imagine how cool TV is when your recorder changes the channel for you, and records up to 40 hours! Of anything! Animal Planet, Bravo, anything! Woo hoo!

I am late to this TiVo thing, and I always thought it was cool, but now I am thinking it is da bomb, and I want it. Is it worth $12.95 a month? Um,…yeah. I think so. I’m all about paying an extra $15 to not come home and find out that I recorded 3 hours of Headline News instead of the West Wing Season Premiere. Yeah, that so sucked. But that’s just one example of fudged up stuff I have done in our recording history.

We work so late and watch so many TV shows that I feel like this little box will be a blessing. Maybe even on the level of “godsend”. So I hope I get it for Christmas. I hope Tony doesn’t mind that we could have a nice new pet at home. Well, one that doesn’t poop and works hard for the family.

So are these TiVo ratings the new Nielsens…? I know that scientifically the TiVo season passes for shows do not reliable ratings make, but it’s good to see I am not the only one wanting to watch these shows. And since TiVo makes it so easy to record, people are probably just recording anything on TV that they might watch later. Not, then, statistically reliable ratings of a show’s popularity. But probably a damn good indicator…