I Wonder What Happened To…

  • Steven Kong – Where’d you end up?
  • Joseph Ting – Sorry I was such a moron.
  • Yumi Kamimura – You knew all along about him, didn’t you?
  • Austin Chang – Miss you, buddy.
  • Kassie Gutierrez – Meimei, how are you?
  • Leong Jee-Kang – Goh…
  • Francy Lee
  • Jim Helmbrecht
  • Melanie Dobson
  • Elisa Priest
  • Thao & Thuy Nguyen
  • Jeff Lim
  • Emi Oga (sensei!)

and many more…

And I was surprised at classmates.com by some of the names that I had forgotten (Sang Ahn, David Dao, Trae Marina, Nhi Phan, etc.) but which were immediately recognizable. I am dying to see if the popular girls got ugly, or if the good kids made good and had the successful lives they should have had.

But I’m too damn cheap to pay classmates.com to find out. And when I google people, I find vestiges of them, like their fortunecity bookmarks, or something equally pointless, as all of the old links are broken now, but that page sits out there like a fossil footprint, tantalizing with its names and potential for information, slamming down the 404 at every try.

So, if anyone out there is thinking of me, I am the Colleen who was in Japanese, orchestra, photography, art, went to Newman Smith 1991-1995, and has a dark Star Trek history that she usually doesn’t fess up to. Email me, I’d love to hear from you…