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Went to see Mecca today. Her little paw was shaved up to the chest and IVed and wrapped up in surgical tape so she wouldn’t tear it off. She also has an Elizabethan collar on so she won’t pull the tape off. She would, so it’s a good idea.

She never acted sick, which is why this is so weird. She still doesn’t look sick, except that her little neck is so tiny that the Elizabethan collar hangs around it like a lead weight, and it scratches up against her newly shaved skin. Her little face was dirty because she can’t reach it anymore, and I wiped it off with a wet cloth. I gave her one of Tony’s t-shirts so she could smell the bed from home that she loves so much.

I held the feathery light kitty in a tight secure embrace, and she purred like mad, massaging my shoulder while I struggled to keep the IV from tangling and to keep the collar from dragging her head backwards. I scratched behind her ears and on her neck to keep the itchys away. She tried to roll over in her happiness, but everything got tangled up and she gave up, purring quieter but still massaging.

When I left, I saw her watch me go, like, “Uh, where are you going?!?” She didn’t meow, just watched me quietly.

I have to go see her tomorrow. I just have to.


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