The grackles are back!

And taking over the streets. You know fall is coming to Texas when there are grackles everywhere. What are grackles, you say?

Well…This is what they look like, and this is what they sound like. You might want to turn the speakers down when you play that .wav file, though, coz those birds are LOUD. And they always sound like that. Because they are noisy, and there are always a million of them. I was driving home tonight and I saw the ten billion grackles on the lines and I thought Crap. Winter’s coming. Trees in parking lots sound as if they were alive this time of year, and I kid you not, grackles line the power lines all over the city. Parking lots are most popular, with Bradford Pears being their tree of choice, because they’re so roost-friendly. Don’t park under one in Dallas right now, seriously.

Today’s high was in the upper 60’s, and I actually shivered today and, dude, it’s just not right. I HATE WINTER!!!!

Maybe I should move to Florida, too…

I tried to take a picture of some of the grackles, but my camera sucks, so it turned out pretty lame. I need a new camera.

This was underscored by the fact that Lanny, our dear friend, who took pictures at our wedding, has given me a CD with some of the pictures on it, and Damn. I open those babies up in PSP and they’re all at a resolution of 1:7 or so. My digital camera takes pictures, and they never really get bigger than 1:2, meaning my 1.3 megapixel camera SUCKS. Well, I knew it wasn’t good, but now that I’ve handled photos from a 7 megapixel camera, I want to cry.

Lanny took amazing pictures, and I love her eye for the shot. Tony looks amazing, as always, and I look schmooey, as always. Shit, I shouldn’t have worn that stupid eyeliner stuff. Shitshitshit.

If people tell you that you look beautiful in pictures, but you think you look like a human omelette, who do you believe? Your hypercritical self, thinking, Man, if they think I look good in these pictures, how bad do I look on a daily basis? Or just accept that you probably are hypercritical and let them enjoy the pictures graciously?