Election coming…

It’s Tuesday already, this election, and I am so NERVOUS. It is so very important to me that Kerry wins, not just because of the idiocy of the incumbent, but also because it is frightening that we can live in a country where people will believe anything the government says, even when there’s broadcast proof to the contrary. We need a dose of reality here. When presidents become religious figures, there’s a problem.

People believe that insolent moron. This election is so personal and divisive, and it doesn’t have to be like that, but it is. It’s not a personal preference whom you vote for now, it’s a moral imperative to vote for your guy because you’re not a good Christian if you don’t. Some in the Catholic church say you’re going to Hell if you vote Kerry. The whole “Vote for me and create a Culture of Life” thing is amazingly scary. Cult of Life is more like it.

I have seen everyday people lately on the news spout out ridiculous conclusions with minimal information, and Bush is the King of Minimal Information Without Apology. Two examples: my mother thinks Ben Affleck’s name is Aflac, like that duck on the commercials. Affleck, Aflac, who cares, he still shouldn’t have been with J-Lo, she says. My grandmother thinks AOL is broken when she can’t log on to her computer. Because AOL and the computer are one and the same, you know. These women aren’t stupid people, they just don’t know enough to make informed statements.

That’s why people think Hussein attacked us on 9-11. They don’t know any different, because the first piece of information is the one that sticks, rumor flies faster than the wind, and Bush never takes it back. It’s plausible at first, and anything that comes after is just spin, or political gobbeldygook, and it doesn’t matter becdause he’s our president. This all sounds so Communist.

Oops, gotta go eat. I’ll pretty this up later.