Before I hear from others

I wanted to put my notes into this post from the presidential debates this evening. They’re not in rant form, so bear with the randomness of the selections.

  • Bush: “there have been rumors on the internets” Yeah, all of the millions Internets, right. Sounds like my grandmother.
  • Doomsday forecast “not if, but when” sucks
  • Bush: “there was weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. Good grammar, Ivy-boy.
  • Bush: our weapons need to be “lighter, and quicker, and more facile” How exactly does that relate to weapons, eh?


    a (1): easily accomplished or attained: a facile victory

    (2): SPECIOUS, SUPERFICIAL: I am not concerned … with offering any facile solution for so complex a problem — T. S. Eliot

    b: used or comprehended with ease

    c: readily manifested and often lacking sincerity or depth: facile tears

    2 archaic: mild or pleasing in manner or disposition

    3 a:READY, FLUENT: facile prose


    synonym see EASY

  • Blink blink the beady eyes
  • Does cutting off the moderator = petulance or forcefulness?
  • Did he just call him Senator Kennedy? As in “Senator Kennedy is the most liberal blah blah blah?”
  • Mizzurah. I bet he didn’t pronounce it like that until five minutes before the debate.
  • Don’t wink at her, you old perv.
  • Bush: whining “I don’t understand” won’t get you my vote.
  • Same goes for “We’re doing the best we can.”
  • None no one else has a blank check to whatever the hell we want with the resources of the free world. Why should he?
  • Was there ever a congressional declaration of war? did I miss that? is that why he can spend our government dry?
  • “an obligation to spend that kind of money”? WTF?
  • “fiscal responsibility” doesn’t mean “fiscal conservativism”. that’s why their names have different words in them, mr. president.
  • What happened to gay marriage in this damn debate anyway?
  • Liberal doesn’t mean bad.
  • My parents both served. Why should little rich boy get out of it?
  • Support our troops. Make one president.
  • So what if taxes go up a little bit. A drop in the bucket to save our country doesn’t sound like a bad deal.
  • Kerry: citing authorities doesn’t touch our hearts. Reach deeper inside yourself. When you speak from a place of passion like Bush seems to, you will touch far more people.
  • Or just fake it, like Bush does.
  • “Common Sense Environmentalism” sound like “Common Sense Neurosurgery”. Kind of scary.
  • Re: Air quality, Bush could also say there are fewer tornados in Texas since his presidency, but that wouldn’t make the fact a direct result of his policies.
  • Bush: “the standard of living we are accustomed to” meaning gas-guzzling SUVs. He said No to Kyoto because he couldn’t tell a country and an economy based on excess to stop stuffing their fat cars.
  • “A culture of life in America.” Oh shit. If he’s reelected, there goes Roe v. Wade. and a woman’s right to choose. Not her right to kill, but her right to choose for her own body and her own life.
  • Bush cannot self-criticize. That, to me, would be a strength.
  • There is a difference between moral certainty and stubborn inflexibility.
  • So what if Saddam was in power? Really. So the fuck what? So is Kim Jong Il and Putin, and whoever the fuck in Burma…
  • I will say this for him. Even if Bush is not prepared to represent my beliefs in the White House, at least he prepared for this debate.
  • Re: WMD, what about innocent until proven guilty? Obviously not attended to. What was that Golden Rule?
  • Re: “God Bless”, please keep God out of it, Mr. Bush. There are enough people in the world throwing God around.

I could go on all night.