The End of an Era

And no tears are shed. I cancelled the service for, and it’s now available for anyone who wants it. When I was talking to the guy who cancelled the service for me, I got disconnected while in the middle of the salvage pitch. He talked about how Yahoo! has added more storage space and blah blah blah, but I am not interested anyway. I have switched already, and that service would have cost me more than twice as much a month to keep, so adios for now, Yahoo!

My lesson today was my last lesson with the 8-year old monkey robot kid. I know he hated taking lessons, so it’s better this way. He thought I was a hardass because I made him sit still in his chair for more than 2 seconds straight. Poor him.

I noticed that there are a whole lot of people driving around with a G-Dub sticker on their car. And they are the slowest, moseyingest people on the planet. They are digging through their purse when the light changes, cutting the flow of traffic off like heart disease in their lumbering Lexus RX. Look for it, and you’ll see what I mean. I try not to drive behind people with those stickers on their cars.

But I know that since there are so many of those stickers around, it is pretty damn useless to think my vote counts. The female vote is often the most weakly courted and most undervalued, because the guys running the show are chauvanist pigs who rose to the top in a chauvanist society. I am not bitching that a woman with armpit hair who burned her bras and refuses to wear lipstick should be President. On the contrary, I am fine with having a male president, knowing that we will have a president from an ethnic minority before we have a female president. That’s just how the game is played, for now.

I do wish that these men could see that since they gave us the right to vote, maybe it would help them to court the female vote just a little. My mother and I know that in Texas our votes count very little, what with this being G-dub’s home state, and the fact that Texas has been strongly Republican for quite a while. However, we’re not gonna skip voting, regardless of what we think will happen to our votes. Inside me there is this idealistic Disney-esque notion that if all the women voters truly felt like voting, the landscape of politics would change. No one has stepped up to bat for them women however, and with Bush’s right-wing Southern Baptist-pleasing moves to outlaw any abortion, Unborn Victim’s Act and all, women are in danger of losing even the most basic of their reproductive rights, the right to choose.

And in this election, with a tight contest between Rich Boy and Sandbox Bully, I may just vote for Nader.