August, 04

Damn. I would feel guilt for not updating my journal periodically through August, but then that guilt would be assuaged by sleep, blessed sleep. We went to Los Angeles for 4 days, we got married, and we went to Azi’s wedding, a house-warming, and I found my wedding dress in a single weekend. I think a lot was done in August.

In LA, I met Shelley, and I only called her Linda once (so embarassing). I got a bunch CDs:

  1. Jacky Cheung’s Life is Like a Dream
  2. William So’s So Fresh
  3. Ah Mei’s Regardless
  4. Ah Mei’s 1996-2000
  5. Jay Chow’s Common Orange Jasmine
  6. Alex Toh’s Take Off
  7. Kelly Chen’s Beloved Collection even though it’s old, it was only $8 and I got a tin box out of it…
  8. Eason’s Live For Today
  9. Chang Chen Yueh’s Useless Guy

And yes, I could have bought all of this on, but it was way more fun and cheaper besides, to buy it in person…

Our digital photos from LA are here. I love Shelly jie!!

Our wedding photos are there, too.

Dude. Some things about our wedding. I love Tony, and it was a sudden, but necessary, and my father’s hateful email aside, everyone understood.

Yes, another rushed marriage in the interests of keeping someone I love with me.

But no, it’s not the same as the last one.

But it felt like it, for a few minutes. When I looked at the pictures, saw how my hair had fallen flat, saw all of the freckles, the blurry pictures, the ring that isn’t even my ring, the dress I found at the last minute, that STUPID glitter eyeliner that made me look like a misplaced club kid…crap why do I let my sister talk me into stuff like that? There is no amount of editing that can change that day from a rushed haphazard affair to a beautiful day that the beginning of our marriage deserves. I resent that it went down like that. Again.

I want a cigarette.

But…I have a wonderful husband, who I wouldn’t give up for anything. He’s really mine. Cool, huh? And we have ordered a perfect ring, a beautiful sapphire solitare set in white gold. And next year we will have a real wedding if it kills me.