Pets and the Lottery

Well, Cappy is in the “hospital” right now because the puppies have moved to Austin to be with my sister, and we think his depression overstimulated his colon. Which means the poor doggy was pooing all over everything, and none too happy to eat. Which is a great weight loss plan for him, but not really a healthy one. So tonight Mama is dog-free, and not happy about it. Her vet, though, who took such good care of Big Kitty before he died, is making me think about Kiki getting declawed.

We are a soft set, with these kitties and their personalities and their preferences, that we let Kiki walk all over us. She is not allowed anymore, however, to be on the counter and swipe at Mommy’s face (yay!) because one swat too close to the eye, and, well…But we love her anyway, and she is a sweetie (when she’s asleep) like most 2-year olds. She’d be much sweeter without the claws, however, and I have finally convinced Tony to have her declawed this coming week! Yes! Well, not YES because I love cutting toes off of cats, but YES because she aims for the eyes, and it’s not fair to underdog too-sweet-to-fight-back Tay when she can take him out in one fell swoop.

Tony’s a bit nervous because when she was fixed (way long time ago) she became ill after she came home from the vet’s office, and wouldn’t eat or play or anything. I wasn’t there for that back then, but I figure if it’s about four days or more, it”s an illness, if it’s overnight, or two days, they’ll eat when they feel like it. Knowing how high-strung Kiki is anyway, it was probably a protest. Or the damn vet should have kept her longer.

And though she acts like she would like to make mincemeat out of me sometimes, I truly believe that Kiki will mellow out in a few years. And I can survive those years much better, with our potential children, if she is clawless.

Texas Lottery is up to $120 million USD tonight. If I win I will take the fam on a cruise, buy a house, and a new car for Tony, then invest the rest. In my new business.

I don’t know if this kind of disappointment is good for me. Buying a lottery ticket (or three) is setting yourself up for failure, I think. But such a minor failure. Wish me luck.

Note to self:

One year anniversary next month on the 26th. Cannot forget.