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When I was at the mall this afternoon for a waste-an-hour, I saw this burgundy generic American old sedan in the parking lot with the words “Th Hoe #1” haphazardly scratched into the paint of its trunk. Beside the scratches was a big, bright yellow hair clippy with a smiley face on it.

I’m thinkin’, Jesus. What you’d have to do to get that done to your car.

Then I think of how brilliant the artist is to leave the weapon at the scene of the crime, probably all done up in fingerprints.

Then I think about the kind of person who would own a cheap-ass scary clip like that, and I figure it wouldn’t take much to make them scratch crap into your car.

Then I think of how much it’s gonna cost to get that shit fixed. Damn. I hope it was the right car.


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