Livin’ On the Edge

I had one of those feelings tonight as I was driving home, Don’t go to Barnes and Noble, go to Half-Price Books… And as a rule, I usually follow them if the feeling doesn’t tell me to go jump off a bridge. And usually I find a reason why I should have followed it (a great deal on something, I run into a friend, etc…), or a reason I would have been worse off if I hadn’t followed it.

Did I need the safety pin I picked up on my way out because I knew I had one on me (coincidence)? Because if I didn’t have one, I could have made do with staples or somesuch. Or am I psychic? Do I have a guardian angel?

I usually follow these harmless nudges, and almost always am the better for having followed them. Call ahead, bring an umbrella even though it’s sunny. And they pay off. And if they don’t pay off in visible ways, I have faith that I am better off anyway (maybe the cat would have played with and then choked on the safety pin if I had left it there, who knows.)

But tonight, I disobeyed the feeling. I went to Barnes and Noble anyway. I almost panicked the further I got from Half-Price, thinking, “Am I going to get a speeding ticket? Is some drunken asshole going to crash into my faithless ass? EEEEEK!”

But I got there without a hitch, not a scratch on me. The bustling hub of coffee, community, and books, there’s nothing quite like a mass book retailer. I went directly to the books on small businesses. Avert eyes from displays, magazines, and flashy design books that cost $80 and do nothing but gather dust…and DON’T even slow down near the Bargain Books section. The moment I went to the business section of the bookstore there was this guy standing there, asking me, “Hey, are you interested in business?”

Shit, I thought, this dude is the reason I should have gone to Half-Price. If I had gone there, I wouldn’t have had my ear bent by this dude. He asked me about a book on money, which, oddly enough, I happened to have read. We chatted a while, he mentioned his own business that he’s starting, and blah blah…What’s odd, though, is this kid’s charisma. He couldn’t possibly have been interested in me for my ravening sex appeal, as today, I had none. And he asked no personal questions, and I asked none of him. We just traded opinions about business, small businesses, why work for The Man when you can work for you, and I thought…this kid will go far. I wasn’t as bothered by him as I thought I would be.

But, now it makes me worry about my feeling. Was my feeling wrong? Nothing of importance or effect happened at B&N. Did I miss some kind of grand benefit at Half-Price? I will never know.


Why doesn’t James Earl Jones have more acting gigs? Is he too sonorous? Too “This…is CNN”? Or does he just rock at voiceovers and not have to do anything else for the rest of his life?

I adore this Sprint Commercial.

I count stuff when I am bored. OCD, anyone?