On the Job Front

Employment has been a challenge for me since I left college. Not that I am unemployable, certainly, I have the oft-mentioned Master’s degree, and a certain amount of web expertise, I can write, I cna use computers, I am familiar with Word and Excel, and I am a team player willing to put up with a lot of shit for a steady fucking paycheck.

That horrible job that I have discussed several times…gone now. Phhffft. I put up with ranting, misogyny, papers being thrown at me, constant email surveilance, cocksucking co-workers who would never make it in any other company, and a whole lotta questioning of my general worth as a human being. I know that company will go under someday soon, and the owner is a miserable fuck who cannot manage people. But what if Karmic retribution is not soon enough? What if they don’t go under? WHO CARES?!?!?

The only thing I miss from that job is the paycheck. I don’t miss the stress, the micromanagement, the constant failure setups, the nitpicky time-management (“Oh, you’re going out for a cigarette?” *scribbles exact time down*), or the other bullshit. Buh-bye morons!!!

I can’t believe I didn’t quit earlier. Sheesh.