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I narrowly escaped jury duty Monday by the skin of my teeth. I had hoped that they wouldn’t choose me, what with all of the nonsense about WORK that I have to do. My schedule teaching is so tightly packed that I couldn’t bear to take off a week for some idiot woman who didn’t call a cab instead of getting her felony DUI stop. I prayed (yep, I did) that they wouldn’t choose me. I had to drive to McKinney exhausted (oh poor me) because I just can’t sleep when Tony’s out of town, and the cats and my most recent experience with the Collin County courthouse was all too recent.

Now, truth be told, if I hadn’t FORGOTTEN the first time that I had jury duty until an hour after my first scheduled jury duty was supposed to start, I could have gone to the local courthouse instead of BFE. But they kindly allowed me to reschedule, and so I paid the price by going to McKinney, but thank God for little favors, I was not chosen to be on the jury; YAY!!!

I have been digital-camera crazy lately. Last weekend there was a big storm just north of us, so we got the benefit of the light show without the rain. When you combine an old-ass digital camera with margaritas and a lightning storm, you get about forty completely black photos, and about three actually OK photos. None of this is going in the MOMA, mind, but I was so proud of us for capturing ANYTHING.


Tony and I took some pictures together, in the bathroom because the light in there was just perfect, but we couldn’t get it right to save our lives. Every pose looked “wrong” for one of us; I had neck wrinkles, a stoned glazed look, dorky grin, or a smirk on my “serious” pose. So we gave up with the last picture and just let it ride. I luv my man.

Have also photoed Mama’s flowers, which have turned out just gorgeous this year. Texas weather has not come down on them like a hammer yet, so the little flowers can thrive and, well, blossom. Iris, freesia, bluebonnets, columbines…I love spring…



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