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Today I sold Fei. It seems like the worst kind of betrayal, in a way, because that little car did all she could for me, and then some. I know, I know, she was breaking down, and would have cost me a fortune out of pocket to fix, and I have India to drive now, like a little sister to Fei, only…Fei is gone.

It feels like a changing of the guard, this sale. As if it represented a major change in my life. Nothing really is changing, but so much has that this additional change suddenly means something. I am not happy, per se, that she is sold, only relieved that the burden of insurance and maintenance and additional tags is gone.

I drove Layla around in that car.

I drove to OKC to celebrate my Comps Full Pass in that car.

I drove my kitties, my computer, Harry the Japanese Maple, and most of my prized possessions home to Texas in that car after my marriage dissolved.

I lovingly washed her by hand, waxing her to within an inch of her life on brilliant summer afternoons in the driveway of our old house in Stillwater.

I drove six hours to and from OKC in the worst snowstorm I have ever braved to bring a friend’s brother to visit for the holidays.

I went to many a job interview in the sweltering heat in Fei, sweating under the oppression of hundreds of degrees of Texas heat in that car.

I drove to meet Tony at FCB for the first time in a newly washed Fei.

Memories of friends, tragedies, escapes, and misdeeds fill the trunk of that car. An evening by the lake watching shooting stars fall, an afternoon playing Fetch the Empty Water Bottle from the Lake, a summer hailstorm…all of these things will be remembered.

Goodbye, xiao che


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