Close Call

The other day I was coming home from my grief counselor's office when I spotted two big lost dogs on leashes wandering around in the dark, focused on something they couldn't find...home. I slowed my car and called out to them, and they approached the car sheepishly — good. Friendly. I put on my hazards and pulled over, and slowly opened... Read more →

Lyrics: Under The Table

It already started I tried to stop it, but I already know You are something I should do without But I won't I'm under the table Just keep wishing I'll come out but I don't You are something I should do without But I won't Please tell me that This could be easy I'm tired of waiting For permission to love Heartbreak is... Read more →

Zoe Nightingale is my spirit animal.

just so y’all know, @genuinelyfalse is my spirit animal #fb — Mia 蔤雅 • 미아 (@stealingsand) September 9, 2015 @genuinelyfalse you’re aaaaaaaaaa - FOX!!! — Mia 蔤雅 • 미아 (@stealingsand) September 10, 2015   This post is gonna be so spiritual, yo. I’ve been working very hard on myself for the past... Read more →

Best decision I ever made.

I've been wandering through life, pointed only forward, grieving losses - my mother moving, my divorce, Chicken, my youth, Taylor, and who I used to think I was and the trapped person I was...and then I found someone. And he was beautiful and sweet and loving, but in a very short time, he became so much like the man I left. I know now... Read more →

Lyrics: Someone New

I can love you desperately, Boy your love ain't guaranteed... Oh I wish you knew the deal. Gotta learn from far away that I simply Needed space Space for me to be... And I think you need it too, Though I know you call me selfish for assuming... I did this for you too. Got me 'round your finger Even though I'm far away... Please... Read more →

Transcript: “Where the Women are All Strong, the Men Are All Good Looking and the Children Are All Above Average”

This is a transcript of an episode of Zoe's podcast. Audio stream is at the bottom of the post. The highlighted parts are mine, and I will comment on them in a separate post... Zoe: "So...which one up here is your favorite?" Interviewee 1: "Uh...well...right in front of us, Jessie James." Z: "She's your favorite..." I1: "She's one... Read more →

New Rules

Right is right even if no one is doing it — what feels right, or difficult, probably is Let go of complaining — negativity and complaining or "venting" doesn't actually solve anything, and time is of the essence Let go of self-defeating ideas — imaginary hurdles warp our ideas about what is possible Let go of fears — healthy... Read more →

Sopa de Pescado

My recipe is based on a soup I had at La Calle Doce, a few googled recipes, and my own experiments. The ingredient measurements are approximate because I don't usually measure stuff when I'm making up a recipe. Ping me @stealingsand if you have questions or flavor problems... Variations: Add cancha to the finished soup Use shrimp... Read more →

An organized life.

In the midst of all of the changes, and the moving and the chaos in my life I'm finding a need for more order. I had movers pack and move my belongings and a few thousand dollars later, I'm looking at a lot of this stuff thinking WTF, I paid to move this and I don't even care about it.   But I might need it someday It's a very... Read more →
Journal 9

Why I’m Doing It – For Me

The Challenge: Fit Girls | 28 Day Jumpstart A dear friend of mine, Gretchen, told me about this fitness challenge, one that we could do together. Initially, I bought the regimen because she asked, and because I love doing things with her, and in the abstract I knew I needed to do something about my shape some day — before I don't have a... Read more →

Thank you, Tablo

This past year has been a time of huge changes for me, and huge emotional hurdles that I’ve had to overcome. I was still healing from my accident the year before, then I lost my Chicken, and then I fell into a deep depression. I’ve been climbing out of that, on a thin rope, overcoming these multiple assaults to my self-image, and my... Read more →

Top Recipes I’ve Found Online

When I changed my diet, I went on the prowl for delicious vegetarian recipes because I knew I couldn't do it without making everything delicious. I've also been hoarding recipes for years, so some of these have been digitized, not necessarily internet-sourced, but definitely in my "go-to meals" folder. What are some of your favorite... Read more →

Happiness Theory

I have a theory about happiness. Happiness is a closed circle, not an endless container you can fill and fill. Its limits are our humanity and finite ability to invest energies. If you invest more energy into one slice, the others must shrink. It takes the space allotted to the other slices, and happiness in those arenas... Read more →