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Applied Color Theory in Cooking

My chef-ing is basically chemistry combined with a flair for color theory, and a touch of humility (being able to jack something up and recover gracefully). Bork bork bork! With help from what I learned from a damn good book, Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking (non-affiliate link, Amazon Smile), and an... Read more →

Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie

To branch out and try new recipes (I haven't cooked much since the divorce), I decided to begin making things I haven't made before, but enjoy eating. Shepherd's Pie seemed pretty simple in execution, and I love all of the ingredients, but I couldn't not modify the recipe, with what turned out to be a significant overhaul in the... Read more →
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I’ve always hated winter - I don’t do well in the cold dark days with insufficient sunlight. These past two winters have been really really difficult as I struggle with depression and its hideous side pieces, drinking too much, and not being able to keep my home environment consistently tidy. I only occasionally care about these things,... Read more →
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For Now, I Am Winter

I've been struggling for the past few weeks with several realizations. None of them were really all that new, but they came together in an instant, and like a tsunami, have overcome me. I've been gathering my courage to write up this post, waiting until I was ready. Today is it. I'm nauseous as I attempt to gain some perspective by doing... Read more →
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If my pets had voices... Tablo would sound like Will Smith...vulnerable, smart, loving, confident. Tesla would sound like Shirley Henderson in Harry Potter...impossibly high-pitched and sweet and yet still cultured...and a little bizarre. Pixel would sound like Hank Azaria as Agador Spartacus in The Birdcage Aoife would sound like... Read more →


One of the ways I make it difficult for people to give me what I want is... My difficulty in asking for what I want. In acknowledging that I have a right to want something different than another person if I want to have them in my life. In being so accepting of people that I accept less than I should, and ask more of myself to make up for... Read more →
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Aoife’s origin story

I wasn't exactly on the prowl for a kitten...but I follow Furry Friends Animal Rescue on Facebook, to share the kiddies they rescue, and one day in my feed, up popped Sapphire: I’m a sweet little girl, and I look unique. My fur is black with long silver hairs sprinkled over me like sparkly tinsel on a Christmas tree! I’m fluffy... Read more →
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I've been struggling lately, assaulted by people who derisively, condescendingly, and relentlessly demean my skills, who believe that I am worthless, who cannot see my value, who try to make me feel worthless...and yet don't know me in the least. I'm familiar with verbal and emotional abuse, intimately, and the fucking gaslighting and imposed... Read more →

Locked Out

So I'm not always the cleverest person around. I'm smart but I'm sometimes immune to details, little things that careful people do to make their lives easier. I've locked myself out of this rental house twice (TWICE) since I moved in about six months ago. Brilliant, right? The first time was the very day I moved in. I'd had a very rough... Read more →
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Drunk Ordering A Cat

Photo: Top row: FFAR/Petfinder pix. Second Row: two days after coming home with me.  In September 2014, I adopted a kitten now named Tesla. She was the last of her litter because she was a black kitten, and on top of that a polydactyl. Perfectly silky and sweet and teeny and everything I could want in a black cat. A witches' cat. I have... Read more →
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Asian Guys With The Most Swag

Yes, this is objectification. I know that. But I was fangirling the hell out of another recent list and decided to make my own. I've limited this to guys that I am personally attracted to - and the decision which order to put them in was verrrrrrrry difficult so I'm just gonna go in a basically random order.  Mithra Jin 미쓰라... Read more →
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Dragon Mia

Image by tsaoshin Learning how to love myself has been hard. And although they could not hear as well as their mother, not even the infant dragon, it did not mean that the civil war was not going on all around them…The mother dragon had taken it upon herself to protect the little ones, including those of different species. Dragon or not,... Read more →